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These top quality resin furnishings have been hand painted through a process called "cubicatura", a decorative painting technique that involves immersing the object in paint: color adheres to the surface and dries, thus creating a coating that can be carved or sculpted into a large number of intricate shapes, designs and complex details.

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No two are alike

When you buy a DogResinArt decoration you can be sure you are getting a truly unique product. This is because every single resin sculpture has been handcrafted; therefore, no two are alike.

Small variations compared to the photos of the website are completely normal and testify to the special craftsmanship.

Characteristics of DogResinArt sculptures

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DogResinArt furnishings are handmade, thus ensuring a unique customization and attention to detail that only craftsmanship can guarantee.

Top quality resin

DogResinArt furnishing accessories are made with top quality resin, carefully selected to ensure maximum resistance to scratches and knocks, as well as long life.

These resin sculptures are also easy to clean and maintain, making them ideal for any setting.

Meticulous attention to detail

Every single piece is made with care and precision, to offer customers a product that meets their needs and has a long life.

Attention to detail is reflected not only in the aesthetic beauty of DogResinArt furnishing accessories but also in their functionality and practicality.

Vivid and bright colors

DogResinArt furnishing accessories are characterized by vivid and bright colors, which make them unique and captivating.

The choice of colors is made with care to offer customers a wide range of choices that adapt to any style of furniture.

The brilliance of the colors is obtained thanks to the use of high quality materials and care in craftsmanship. These elements make DogResinArt furnishing accessories objects capable of capturing attention and furnishing spaces with elegance and liveliness.

Non-slip base and scratch resistant finish

The non-slip base ensures that the sculpture remains stable on the support surface, preventing it from moving or falling, while the scratch-resistant finish protects the product from marks and abrasions.

Money back guarantee

DogResinArt furnishing accessories are a safe choice for those who want to furnish rooms with unique and high quality pieces. The money-back policy guarantees customers who purchase these products maximum satisfaction and peace of mind.

In case of dissatisfaction (for any reason), you can return the product and get a full refund. This guarantee is a testament to the quality and attention to customers by DogResinArt, that works every day to offer the highest quality furnishings and an unforgettable shopping experience.

Water transfer printing

The furnishing accessories created with the water transfer printing technique are real pieces of art, with a smooth and uniform surface that enhances their shape and details. The paint adheres perfectly to the resin surface, creating an effect that lasts over time and resists damage.

This painting technique, combined with the quality of the resin used, makes DogResinArt sculptures top quality furnishing accessories.

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