About us

Welcome on DogResinArt!

For us, your experience with DogResinArt must be simple, clear and above all fun.
We are young Italians with a secret dream: we left our old job to create a team of people where the goal is to develop a positive a stimulating work environment light years away from the most common companies.
At DogResinArt every member has the right to be valued for his talent.


We treat our customers the same as we would like to be treated ourselves

From assistance to purchase we expect DogResinArt to speak clearly and transparently.
We want to have a direct relationship with you without the need of an intermediary to move further away from those unreachable companies based on old models and distant from the customers.


We believe in the beauty of the little details of the things

We believe that high quality standards should be accessible to everyone. The internet allows us to cut unnecessary steps between artisans and customers.
If you haven’t seen us in your city yet, don’t worry you can order online on our website!
All our resin sculptures have been hand painted through a process called “cubicatura”, a decorative painting technique that allows to decorate complex shapes and 3D objects.
DogResinArt is for those who do not want to follow trends, but still looking for a timeless style.